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About Us

Aadhya Publishing House, established in 2022, stands as a beacon of literary excellence, known for nurturing emerging talents and promoting diverse voices in the literary world. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Aadhya has garnered admiration for its meticulous attention to detail and dedication to fostering a vibrant literary community. On the other hand, Panache, International E-Magazine has achieved widespread acclaim for its illustrious reputation in numerous countries, particularly renowned for its publication of captivating short stories, evocative poems, and insightful articles within the realm of English literature.  This Magazine releases monthly on this same website in the Format of E-Magazine (Online basis).


                 "Panache" is not just a name. It is a basic value of our "Aadhya Publishing House" as we believe talent should never die. Rather it should always stand out like the feathered plume on a helmet to attract the world and that is what Panache means. We, as the Publisher, believe in encouraging new talent in the field of literature. We want each and every poet to get the opportunity to express themselves and get the proper acknowledge that they deserve. They should be known by the world for their views and we hope very soon we shall be able to achieve this.

                  Panache is a monthly international magazine in the English Language, that is released on digital platforms for literature lovers. However, our work does not end here. I, Akanksha Shrivastava, Publisher and Chief Editor of Aadhya Publishing house, am trying to put a smile on the faces of poor children and poor by providing them with food on behalf of our publishing house. By taking this small initiative, it is our wish to fulfill this basic need of food so that we help the children and poor to survive in a better way.

Starting Year: 2022

Format: Online

Subject: Literature 

Language: English

Publication Url :

                       To vie for a coveted spot in Panache's prestigious pages, authors are required to submit their work in Word format, accompanied by their full name, designation, location, and a photograph, ensuring a personalized touch to their submissions.

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