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1. "My Village Halloween!" (Write-Up 31)

     By: Phillips Tayo Damilola

  • Reasons for Selection:

    • Imagery and Descriptive Language: The use of vivid imagery and descriptive language paints a vibrant picture of the village Halloween, creating a strong sense of atmosphere.

    • Cultural References: The incorporation of cultural elements adds depth and authenticity to the portrayal of the village festivities.

    • Unique Style: The unconventional formatting and playful use of language contribute to the uniqueness of the write-up.

2. "Snow Fall" (Write-Up 34) 

     By: Raja Noor-ul-Iman

  • Reasons for Selection:

    • Sensory Descriptions: The write-up effectively engages the senses, particularly sight and touch, to depict the beauty of snowfall.

    • Narrative Flow: The smooth transition from describing the falling snow to the creation of a snowman demonstrates a seamless narrative flow.

    • Imaginative Tone: The whimsical tone adds a touch of enchantment, making it a delightful read.

3. "Long Live" (Write-Up 45)

     By: The Ono

  • Reasons for Selection:

    • Positive Tone: The uplifting and positive tone of the write-up conveys a sense of hope and goodwill, making it suitable for the occasion.

    • Festive Imagery: The incorporation of Christmas and New Year's imagery, along with well-wishing sentiments, resonates with readers.

    • Rhyme and Rhythm: The use of rhyme contributes to a rhythmic flow, enhancing the overall appeal of the poem.

These selections are based on the richness of language, thematic depth, and the ability to evoke emotions or imagery.

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