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Welcome To The World Of Literature

Aadhya Publishing House, established in 2022, stands as a beacon of literary excellence, known for nurturing emerging talents and promoting diverse voices in the literary world. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Aadhya has garnered admiration for its meticulous attention to detail and dedication to fostering a vibrant literary community. On the other hand, Panache, International E-Magazine has achieved widespread acclaim for its illustrious reputation in numerous countries, particularly renowned for its publication of captivating short stories, evocative poems, and insightful articles within the realm of English literature.


Starting Year: 2022

Format: Online

Subject: Literature 

Language: English

Publication Url :

                          To vie for a coveted spot in Panache's prestigious pages, authors are required to submit their work in Word format, accompanied by their full name, designation, location, and a photograph, ensuring a personalized touch to their submissions. Link to submit your work is available below.

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Aadhya Publishing House, an Emerging Literary Powerhouse

By Nhamo Muchagumisa,

I, Nhamo Muchagumisa, am a Zimbabwean Teacher specialising in English Language and Literature in English. I have published my work with various Zimbabwean Magazines and newspapers, most of them now defunct. With the onset of the internet, I have published a lot of my work online with #enthuse and the Digital Sunday Express. Aadhya Publishing House bas also published my poems and fiction stories on a monthly basis and I have had an intellectually edifying experience with them.


My experience with Aadhya Publishing House


Aadhya Publishing House which publishes the Panache Magazine has added value to a countless literary efforts that would have gone without any audience. The poems, the stories and articles from diverse cultural backgrounds, spell out the beauty of Literature within a global framework. I have had an opportunity to publish my poems and short stories with the Panache and have enjoyed a new lease of life as a writer through the efforts of Ms. Akanksha Sylvastava and her team. Aadhya Publishing House is unique because it involves writers of all age groups and from many different nationalities, making itself a platform for many different voices for the benefit of the reader's intellectual needs.

writer cabral image

Caroline Cabral

Assistant professor, St. Joseph College, India

Writing has been a part of me since childhood. I began with short stories using my imagination and ideation and later on, I discovered that I had a poetic sense in me and started penning poems, but all my work was left unseen by the public. And then I came across this incredible magazine that motivates aspiring poets as well as enlightens them to reach heights, I have witnessed many poets publishing their articles in this magazine, and becoming Authors. Aadhya publishing house is a portal to enhance your writing skills and make your dreams come true. I hope the same that every writer out there can benefit and enhance their writing skills through this esteemed publication house.

writer usha image

Usha Krishnan

Educationist- Life Coach and N.L.P Coach, New Delhi

My poems and write-ups were in my notebook only until my friend suggested me to send them to The Panache, an International Magazine of Aadhya Publications Bhopal. With all the apprehensions of a budding writer, I had sent them one of my poems. To my surprise, I had received a warm welcome from the Publisher & Chief Editor Ms.Akanksha Shrivastava who published my poem and encouraged me to write more. The Panache literally stands true to their basic value that says’ talents should never die, it should always attract the world.’ By being one of the regular writers for the Panache, I am getting a golden opportunity to get introduced to many talented writers all around the world and to know varied styles of writing. My association with The Panache as a writer, helps me to widen my scope in creative writing. The artistically designed certificate of participation provided by them for my each writing is also a precious keep sake for me. I wish The Panache to reach more and more and to inspire many budding writers. I would also like to give my special best wishes to Ms. Akanksha Shrivastava to be successful in all her future endeavors as the Publisher and Chief Editor of The Panache.

writer own abbas image

Own Abbas
Writer, Pakistan

I Strongly Believe That The Only Reason Writer Give Up Because Nobody Give Them Opportunity To Rise. Nobody Teach Them And They Didn,'T Get The Platform . Otherwise Writers Are The Most Powerful Community. And Adhaya Publishing House Is A Best Place For Those Who Are Beginners And Want To Promote Their Write Up. And Then I Came To This Platform .It Was A Time When I Was Unaware Of This Platform .But Now I Have An Identity And The Credit Only Goes To Adhaya Publishing House.



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