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A person’s personality is huger. There are thousands of ingredients which make up his personality and having seen only a few fragments of his personality, you are making a very big portrait of ha person by yourself and that is what is happening presently in this world. Do not do that mistake.


As far as possible, never probe into personal aspects of people, because in your life, there are so many good deeds to do towards society which needs lot of attention from you and not individual lapses and which are not going to help you in any way. As far as possible, please do not interfere and do not peep into the personal aspects of anybody’s life.


Another very important prerequisite what is needed – if you want to be successful in the life is never procrastinate. Procrastination is a negative feature. If you want to be highly successful in your life do not postpone anything and do it right now.


If you are making a presentation in your office and you had about one week’s time and in fact that project being very important, normally you need to spend many hours in collecting the data, arrange them in a sequence and getting information from different sources.  


But, in reality, if you are lazy and over confident and if you think that every time you could do it tomorrow or on the last day before you were need to do the presentation. That was the time you woke up and throughout the night you sit for your project completion for which you need bits and pieces of information and then in desperate attempt you call so many people to get information.  Sometimes, the people would be reluctant to give you the information because you may be calling in midnight or may be at 2.00 AM disturbing them. Because that day also you were engaged in attending parties and functions and on the final day you were making the presentation, you will be very tired and sleepy.  The entire presentation would be a mess and lot of information must be lacking and your boss will be very disappointed the way you give the presentation which would have been the worst compared to other colleagues.


Lot of people would be having the procrastination, postponing the things which were supposed to do. Lack of discipline, not maintaining punctuality, all these factors is mainly the reason for poor performance and there is chance of losing your job also.  This is because of your attention was engaged in attending to parties, concentrating on other factors like punctuality and on unnecessary things.


Since lot of people who are sufficiently intelligent have become a big flop and big failure ones in their own life. You are supposed to give priority to your job and you have given least priority to your job because of your not giving attention, shown any interest and not concentrated on official important matters. I have seen lot of people sufficiently knowledgeable and worthy and because of all the unnecessary things, as said above and wasteful avocations, lost their credibility.


So, be very punctual, have self-discipline because at one stage there will not be anybody to supervise your own self. Otherwise, you will be frustrated and you will end up as an addict with lack of self-confidence. All these things are done by you and yet most of you blame the fate.


So, best thing is that spend some time may be one hour in updating the information. Actually, highly successful people always do practice i.e. call mock exercises, demos before the conference starts two days before only. I know one of the top executives of a company who well qualified from Harvard University used to do practice two days before any conference to know how he would be conducting the entire conference for three days.


Hence, you need to spend some quality time to improve your presentation skills. So, most of the successful people really sacrifice and allocate certain time for the self-development.  At the same time highly, successful people also allocate some quality time for their family and children purpose. They also enjoy equally their social life.


Author, Story, Script, Screen and Dialogue Writer & Lyricist.

Plot No. 37, Anupuram, ECIL Post,

Hyderabad, 500062, Telangana State, India


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