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One Doctor spoke at the Doctors’ Conference:

Doctor ‘A’:

I heard a lot about what Doctor Vishal said. This Doctor said that he heard so about these Souls, Spirits, Ghosts, Devils and Satan’s. May be true. These types of incidents are happening. I will speak few things on this subject, said one Doctor.


What the ‘ghost’ means? After a death, what will happen to Soul? I heard so that these types of spirts and things travel from one place to another.


After the death of person, when such dead person’s soul will go?

Who will decide for souls to go to which place?

What will happen after death?

Who becomes ghost? Why people become ghosts after death?


These spirits and ghosts real or fake?

After the death of a person, how long the soul will stay with the relatives.

After the death of a person, how long it takes for souls to enter into a new body?

What is the meaning of After Life?

What is the purpose of life?

What is the meaning of life?

What is strong ego?


These queries and doubts were expressed by one Doctor at his speech in the Conference. Some spoke about Anatomy. In this Doctors’ Conference, few of the Doctor Specialists spoke on various issues related to life and death. Some of the people explained about the queries raised by the Doctors. Many discussed on the following points.


What Does Ghosts Mean?

Where We Go After Death?

What does Ghosts mean?

Where we go after death?

Who becomes ghosts?

Reasons that People Become Ghosts after DEATH:

Ghosts and Spirits Are Real?





Human bodies are Nature created ones and the souls are God’s creation.

Few of the Souls reincarnate almost immediately even without going to soul’s region. In earlier Yugas like, Kruthayuga, Trethayuga, and Dwaparayuga, souls remain in human physical body/structure for more than 1000 years to 2000 years.  In Kaliyuga, the Soul remains in a physical body or structure to a maximum of 150 years in rare case; otherwise, the life of a human body is limited to 100 years and varies from 40-100 years longevity, where the Soul remains. The height of the human body comes down to Lilliput size i.e., one feet height or even less by the end of Kaliyuga, as some Purana’s say.




It is a real fact that souls’ take reincarnation.  The souls’ have no death, as like physical body death, and Souls’ stay on earth for years together for number of reincarnations from one human body life to another human body life. It is upto souls’ interest to the reincarnation or otherwise.


What is the Meaning of Life? Lack of spiritual beliefs: Greed and attachments:

Negative thinking patterns: A strong ego:


A person with strong ego might surely turn into a ghost after death because he would surely have unfinished business on this planet. A soul gets free and reaches other realms only after doing away with this physical realm. This is why people become ghosts.

The Doctor and the Scientist also discussed about the Anatomy and the Human Body related matters, to analyze more on their Project Dead to become Alive.   


Doctor Vishal and Scientist Shyam, participated in a Conference and had discussion on the subject matter. No. of doubts have come up. At that time Doctor Vishal has explained to people present at the discussion table, as per his knowledge. What after Death? What will happen after death? For every human being this is only a question.


After death? 

Relationship with the wheels connected to the earth is broken initially, the relationship between the rings connected to the earth is about 4-5 hours before death, in the sense that the relationship with the earth is no longer broken. That is why if you see the feet of the person who is close to you within a few hours of death, they are cool. 


End of physical body



Our reincarnation depends on the copy made in the soul between birth and rebirth


Is there life after death? What is death? Is death painful?

What happens after death? How does rebirth happen?

What after death? Lot of research has to be done to know all these answers.


The Astral Cord

End of the physical body

Detachment from the body


The Tunnel

Do the Dead need healing/ prayers/protection?


‘We don’t die, we live on, death does not end it, and it’s just a little break before we meet again’


Pancha Bhutas – Reasons for Cremation:


“Our Body, Mind and Soul are the gift of the Nature. To keep perfectness of these, one need to meet & keep-up deep involvement in extra-curricular activities like music, dance, arts, photography, culture, sports and marital arts apart from basic professional education which ultimately preserves a person’s physical health and thinking power in ship-shape condition with brilliance of mind and with an enormous tongue power. These activities will put a man’s body and mind in good & sober activation, which leads to perfect fitness of health at all times; thereby, the man feels pleasantness with instant resourceful reserve energy”


Pancha Bhutas indication on Health:


“Panchendrias and Pancha Bhutas – Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Sky, will advise people and the living beings from time to time, about possible threats to life and health. It is up to people to identify such health threats and get it set right with the help of natural or man-made medicines and medication. If Pancha Bhutas advise and indications are not followed, then these five elements may discard extending cooperation, which results ill-health one will have to confront it.”


Does anybody know the reasons for Cremation of Dead Bodies?


The nature is a typical one. Nature has wonderful symbolic features and natural resources too. Nature creates and generates its own things, items or systems through its natural resources and has its own power to destroy them too. It has the automatic controlling and handling its own nature related working system.


After death also, our physical dead body should not be a left-over body on Earth. The dead body should be diluted through cremation system and to mingle with the five elements of Pancha Bhutas. This is the concept for cremation of a dead body. Through Fire, the dead body will be turned into ashes and such askes are immersed in Water and Air.


The Nature is a wonderful one. It’s a typical Nature. Nature has good compositions of many raw chemical component related ingredients. Nature generates many wonderful things including life to many on Earth. Nature has powers to automatically generate, gives life and absorb in its fold. Whatever the natural resource the Nature has on Earth, the Nature takes them back and digest. In this, human beings are, Pancha Bhutas are no exception viz. Air, Water, Fire, Sky and Earth. From these five elements humans take birth and go back into Pancha Bhutas fold, i.e., Nature’s fold. As such, the dead bodies are cremated on Fire, so that these dead bodies are immersed into Nature’s fold. Before birth, nothing belongs to us. So also, after death, nothing belongs to us. The concept of cremation on Fire is that there should be nothing which belongs to us. It means, the dead bodies become ashes and immersed in PanchaBhutas. People who are dead, are cremated and the ashes of dead bodies mix in the Air, Space, Water, and Fire. The ashes are immersed in the Water, as the birth is from the Nature and one will sure to go back to the Nature. These are the reasons for the Cremation of a Human Dead Body.

Who are Aghoris? What do they actually do and why do they only come out in public during Kumbhs?


 "Aghor", "Aughad", "Kapalik", "Aghori", "Aughar", "Awadhoot" means the same, which is simple and natural state of consciousness. The Aghora is a very vast subject, but here it is being explained in brief, a very little bit, as the readers may be able to know about the Aghori and their acts who are engaged in post-mortem rituals on dead bodies. 


Mainstream Dharma (Sanatha Dharma) believes that ultimate goal of life is to attain salvation, but it is not at the cost of worldly pleasures.  This is according to Vedas - Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha, Sannyasa are mandatory in mainstream dharma and one should not willingly skip any of the above and Sanathana Dharma emphasize on individual contribution to society  


In Shree Rudham from Yajurvedam, you shall come across "Aghora Rishi" could be another name of Lord Shiva Aghori or Aghora are people whose principles derived from Advaita of Sanathana Dharma performs spiritual practices to get salvation.


The Aghori (Sanskrit aghora) are ascetic Shaiva sadhus. The Aghori are known to engage in post-mortem rituals. Aghora may refer to The Hindu God Bhairava, a form of Shiva. Aghoris feel that the sadhana in cremation ground removes fear.


To get rid of sexual desires, Aghoris, sometimes, does sexual practice on the dead bodies.

To avoid shame, Aghoris, all the time stay naked


Most of the people are afraid and scared of Aghoris, because of their powers and Aghori have number of names in the country. The Aghori is also known as Kapalika and Kalamukhas. The Aghori goes on practicing this soul of the Aghori is set free and it obtains moksha. The culture of Aghori was started by a person Baba Kina Ram. He was said to have lived for 150 years. He died in the 18th century as his followers continued to spread his teachings.


Some fear that Aghori knows little about their practices and Aghori practices mostly on children, which people are afraid of them. For this reason, Aghori are considered responsible for crime or the other. Some people also feel and have apprehensions that Aghori kills innocent people.


It is not Fiction, but it is a Fact:


However, this may not be true as Aghori perform sadhana on dead bodies but they do not kill people for their needs. Some people believe that Aghori has superpowers and they want to make the most of these powers and get benefited. Some Hindus say that it is true that Aghori can help with a lot of problems but if we seek help from an Aghori to solve a problem it may give rise to many more problems. The Aghori never bother about what society feels about them and they live secret lives without any intention to get social recognition


Aghoris Holy Book is called Avadhuta Gita. This Avadhuta Gita Holy Book contains a sacred text or all their teachings and beliefs. The book specifies that Baba Keena Ram was the founder and the Adiguru of Aghori tradition. The book also justifies that Lord Shiva spent most of his time in cremation ground doing sadhna. 


Aghori Accessories:


Some say that Baba Keena Ram was the incarnation of Lord Shiva himself. The Hindus do believe that Lord Dattatreya was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva all in single body. The Aghori goes into complete darkness and lives till they get self-realization and they use corpses to invoke the mother Goddess known as Shamshan Tara.


They consider Shamshan Tara as one of the ten wisdom Goddesses and She has the power to Bless the Aghori with supernatural powers. The mahavidyas that the Aghori religiously worship areBhairavi, Bagalamukhi and Dhumavati.  The male God which the Aghori worships is Lord Shiva in the form of Bhairava, Mahakala and Virabhadra.


Let us try to find out from a neutral perspective about the truths behind these and how the Aghoris themselves perceive this.


1. An Aghori performs all seemingly nasty acts because it is a way to realize that nothing is impure or unclean. 


2. If one can see purity in everything that is the highest state of Divine Bliss


3. At the core of these seemingly raw and savage sadhus is a highly realized soul who is above all dualities of nature.


Please note that this only holds good for genuine Aghori Sadhus and not anyone pretending to be one.

Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu, Litt.D,

Author, Novelist, Story, Script, Ddialogue  and Song writer.


Email:   Hyderabad-India



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