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Wow, Oh – What a pity.  One should never to get a situation like this. Nobody knew about the mother and three grown up daughter’s whereabouts.  


One should be eager to know, whether the mother was able to perform her grown up daughter’s marriage. Whether the family members got settled? Whether family members got settled?  


Whether the discarded father made any contribution towards performance of his three daughter’s marriage? Where they are staying?


All these things are interesting questions.  It’s all happened just because of a brainless drunkard’s father’s blunder and mistake, which lead to a major disaster in a smooth-running family.  


It’s all fine till the father opted for his VRS at the age of 55 years; but, suddenly his family collapsed due to father’s irresponsible, careless and mindless behavior that caused costly and an irreparable hardship to his wife and three daughters happened. The flash back –


· Mr. Lingam.  One Mr. Lingam, an officer, sincerely worked for his company for about 30 years. Hale and healthy, good looking, was leading his family, wife three educated grown-up daughters, residing at one of company provided quarters home.  Mr. Lingam was in the habit of consuming liquor/alcohol frequently.  His daughters are due for marriage, one after another because of close age gap with each other.  Mr. Lingam consuming alcohol was not at all a problem, as he was well in control on this habit.  However, Mr. Lingam was managing his family well.


· Mr. Lingam slowly spent his VRS amount, which he received. The entire amount he spent for the purchase of house-hold articles, cleared his long-time pending loans, some amount he has kept for one of his daughter’s marriage.


· After his VRS, he was happy with his family for a couple of years.  His VRS money got evaporated slowly.


· One day, Mr. Lingam was forced to seek a job to run his family.  Mr. Lingam was boozing alcohol and smoking regularly.  Mr. Lingam joined a small private company, where a couple of ladies also working.  Mr. Lingam though aged around 59 years by then, he do not look like 59 years old and he looked like 40 years old. But, however, Mr. Lingam looks smart in his approach.  At the work spot Mr. Lingam came across with a lady around 30 years old and was closely moving.  One does not know why Mr. Lingam fell in love or what transpired women colleague to fall in love with Mr. Lingam.  This love situation went on for some time and both became closer and came to an understanding to get married.  Finally, this marriage took place at a nearby Temple. Mr. Lingam’s marriage with his love lady, however, took place without the knowledge of Mr. Lingam’s first wife and three grown-up daughters.  Mr. Lingam, as usual, used to stay with his first wife for a couple of days, and on other days, he used to stay with his second wife.  He just managed this type of living for a year or so.


· Mr. Lingam, in the meantime had to consume liquor very regularly and was not attending to office.  Mr. Lingam was in financial crises and was unable to run his both the families separately.  Then came the problem


· On one fine day, the first wife and children got a suspicion on Mr. Lingam’s movements.  Then they started making enquiries about Lingam’s movements through close friends.


· Finally, the first wife and three daughters can to know that Lingam got secretly married a women colleague.  The woman colleague was in the age group of his daughters’.  Then the war started with first wife and three daughters. Mr. Lingam was banged left and right.  Every day, the first wife and daughters were quarrelling with Lingam.  Lingam was helpless.  Lingam spoiled his health. Lingam developed high blood pressure, because weak and diabetic because of sugar problem.  Lingam became half of his personality and became very lean and was losing his health day by day.


· The first wife and three daughters asked Lingam to quit their house. Lingam was staying with second wife for quite some time.  There was no communication from Lingam or the first wife and three daughters’ were in contact with his first wife. Nobody knew about Lingam’s whereabouts. The family members lost the contact and communication. Nobody knew whether Lingam’s three daughters’ got married or not.


· Really, it is a very pity.  It’s because of Lingams small blunder.  Lingam made many blunders on blunders without the knowledge of his family.  


· Lingam was to spend money on gambling and also on horse races and number games.


· But one family got ruined because of Lingams bad habits and mindless rotten mind.  One does not know why Lingam made a big blunder at his age of 59 years.  But Lingam made a mistake.  It was a big blunder.


· Many questions arise here.  Why lingam made a mistake at the age of 60 years? What made him to make an affair with his woman colleague?  Why lingam married again? All these questions are un-answerable.  But, such thing happened, which it should not have happened.  Oh God, please see such things do not happen in anybody’s life.

authors pic
authors pic

Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu, Litt.D,

Author, Novelist, Story, Script, Ddialogue  and Song writer.


Email:   Hyderabad-India


· Rabindranath Tagore Literary Honor 2022

        (Govt.of Seychelles, MS and SIPAY Journal)

· CESAR VALLEJO AWARD 2021, UHE, Peru for Literary Excellence

· The Silver Shield Award from UHE, Peru for my Literary Excellence 2021.


· Gujarat Sahitya Academy and Motivational Strips LITERARY EXCELLENCE Honor

· Honored with “Royal Kutai Mulawarman Peace International Institute, Philippines”

· Royal Success International Book of Records 2019 Honor, Hyderabad-India

· Institute of Scholars Research Excellence Award-2020, Bangalore (India)

· Gujarat Sahitya Academy and Motivational Strips 2020 Honor, Gujarat-India

· Hon. Doctorate in Literature from ITMUT, Brazil. (2019)

· Literary Brigadier Honor (2018) from Story Mirror, Mumbai, India

· Spotlight Superstar Honor (2018) from Story Mirror, Mumbai, India

· Golden Ambassador General for Development and Peace at World Peoples Forum @ TWPF/BTYA, Bangladesh

· State of Birland at Bir Tawil Recognized Poet

· RKMPII Nobility Award 2021

· RKMPII HEART OF GOLD NOBLES Honor Certificate 2021

ISFFDGUN Internationally Accredited Certificate 2021.   

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